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Version 0.1.9 for Android 1.5 or higher is released

Fixes many bugs, including the long-press bug in the pie menu.
Downloads from authenticated websites. Download list can be cleared.
Database moved to internal memory, should improve stability.

Important Note that auto-rotate needs to be enabled in the phone settings.

Lost bookmarks? Settings not sticking?

This could be an issue with your SDCard, sometimes the cards in the phone are not formatted correctly, and applications such as Steel that rely on the card can show erratic behavior. Mount your card on a PC, make a backup of your files, and re-format the card. Copy your files back on, and things might get better.
What is Steel?

The Web At Your Fingertips

Steel offers a new, touch-friendly user interface to the Android browser engine. It supports auto-rotation, full screen browsing, a virtual keyboard, advanced touch controls for zooming and flipping through multiple windows. Steel provides full integration with the Android platform. It can be made the default browser, it opens multi-media files in the appropriate viewers, and supports downloads of arbitrary files (videos, mp3, playlists,...) from the web.

The browser to show to your friends with the other phone.

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